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Zaliv will manufacture items of industrial machine building 11-04-2011

 Aiming to provide utilization of auxiliary production facilities Zaliv receives the orders for manufacturing items of ship and industrial machine-building. During this process, principally new kinds of production goods are mastered and one of them will be fabrication of separate equipment for steel mills industry by the order of Russian Group of the Companies "Engineering Technics".

New vessel has been laid in the dock of Zaliv 07-04-2011

 At April 7 in the dry dock of shipyard Zaliv the laying of the hull of the vessel specified for servicing of drilling platforms was performed.

The repair of "Aframax" type tanker started at Zaliv 17-03-2011

 At March 16 Zaliv performed one of the most complex technological operations. It took several hours for pilot, specialists of daughter enterprise "Zaliv-port" and docking service employees to put the tanker NS "Clipper" (Russia) into dock for repair.

The delivery of fittings and materials for shipbuilding works comes to Zaliv 17-03-2011

 Zaliv regularly receives necessary components for works on shipbuilding orders.

 The peculiarity of the last delivery is the fact that owing to the large size of load it has been executed by the sea transport.

Zaliv reclaims new kind of production 15-03-2011

 The manufacturing of mobile accommodation blocks became principally new kind of production products at Zaliv.

  Order for manufacturing and assembly of compartments for accommodation of personnel working on the oil-gas platforms in the Caspian Sea has been received by Zaliv from group of companies NCG Services Company Ltd.

The sections' assembly started at workshops of the shipyard 03-03-2011

 Works over shipbuilding orders of the company Ulstein entered stage of sections' assembly. According to the information of head of production department on Zaliv Mr. Valentin Pikhterev, hull's treatment workshop already have completed cutting of 900 tons of steel for the first order in the series, all the steel is ransferred to the assembly-welding production and the workers have commenced manufacturing of units, subsections and sections.

During last year Zaliv constructed six vessels realizing a profit 03-03-2011

 Despite the deep recession in shipbuilding industry shipyard Zaliv managed to end the year 2010 with profit. According to the officially published data for the annual financial reports the net profit of our yard constituted 15,8 mln. UAH.

Shipyard Zaliv creates new working places 22-02-2011

 Six new contracts signed in December last year, as well as perspectives for achieving of some new orders shows the need to Zaliv for increasing the staff of production workers.

In 2010 volumes of shiprepair at Zaliv increased 22-02-2011

 Year 2010 was marked for Zaliv by considerable increasing the volumes of ship-repair works. In the course of the year 27 ship-repair orders were placed on the shipyard, among them 19 were for foreign companies. According to the data of financial reports in 2010 the volume of ship-repair works made up 17,8 million UAH, in comparison with 2009 when this mark reached up only 2,7 mln. UAH.

ZALIV starts constructing new ships 09-02-2011

 According to the previously scheduled terms production works regarding the implementation of contracts signed by ZALIV shipyard in December of the last year have begun. On the 31st of January hull shop of ZALIV shipyard started metal cutting for the first hull of hull series for Norwegian company ULSTEIN.

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