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 Starting with small vessels in the forties Zaliv became a builder of the largest cargo vessels in the USSR by the seventies-eighties. Vessels of following types started from here for their maiden voyages:

Head nuclear-powered icebraker container vessel/ lighter-aboard «Sevmorput»

Length between perpendiculars 228,8 m
Breadth 32,2 m
Depth 18,3 m
• at summer draught 11,78 m
• at cruising in ice 10,65 m
Engine output 29420 kW
• maximal 33780 t
• till ice draught 26420 t
lighter-aboard contents 74 items
Container contants 1324 items
Moving through ice on its own 1,2 m
Cargo facility floating crane 500 t

For transportation of lighterss of LASH and containers TEUs

«Pobeda» oil products tanker


Max. length 242,8 m
Length between perpendicular 228 m
Breadth 32,2 m
Depth 18 m
Draught at summer draught 13,62 m
Deadweight 68000 t
Displacement 84500 t
Net hold contents 71100 m3
Speed 15 knots
Cruising range 16000 miles
Autonomy 40 days
Crew 36 pers.
Residential places number 45

СLASS: REGISTER USSR — КМ LZ 1 А1 (for oil products).
For transportation till 4 kinds of oil products.

Totally 16 units were built, the last one in 1996.

«Krym» oil products tanker


Max. length 295,2 m
Length between perpendicular 277,1 m
Breadth 45 m
Depth 25,4 m
Draugh 17 m
Deadweight 150000 t
Displacement 181000 t
Net hold contents 202500 m3
Speed 17 knots
Cruising range 25000 miles
Autonomy 80 days
Crew 36 pers.
Residential places number 45
Steam-turbine engine output 30000 bhp

Totally 6 units were built, the last one in 1979.

Widening its product mix at the end of nineties the Yard starts building outfitted hulls of multipurpose container carriers. Following hulls were delivered to European cus tomers:

Container vessel 390 TEU/7750 DWT.
(5 huuls were built for Dutch customer in 2003–2004)


Length overall 119,38 m
Length between perpendicular 113,35 m
Breadth 15,2 m
Depth 8,45 m
Draugh 7,032 m
Deadweight ок. 7750 t
Container intake (ISO) total: 390 TEU
Trial spped at summer draft 12 knots
Main engine MAK 8M32 3840 kW
Cross tonnage abt. 5052 t
Net tonnage abt. 2663 t
Crew 36 pers.
Residential places number 45

CLASS: LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING. Strengthened for heavy car goes. Container cargoes in holds and. On upper deck hatch covers. Ice class 1A (Finnish/Swedish ice class rules). Tanktop suitable for regular discharge by grabs *LMC, UMC, SCM 2 DECKCRANES: 40 t at 25 m

Container vessel/ bulk carrier 5700 DWT. 
(5 hulls were built for Dutch customer during 2000–2002)


Length overall 109,15 m
Length between perpendicular 102,46 m
Breadth 15 m
Depth 8,3 m
Draught 6,19 m
Deadweight 5700 t
Hold contents 7900 m3
Speed loaded 12 knots
Container cap. in the hold 159 TEU
Container cap. on deck 166 TEU
Tonnage 4150 GT

for carriage of containers + MCE3AUT.

Hull construction and mounting of machinery — 2005


Length overall 183,25 m
Length between perpendicular 174 m
Breadth 27,4 m
Depth 16,9 m
Draught 10,2 m
Deadweight 30000 t
Max. draught 11,5 м
Deadweight 35000 t
Speed 15 knots
Output: (MAN B&W 6S50MC AT 127 RPM) 11640 bhp
Crew 26+6 pers.

CLASS: GERMANISCHER LLOYD, + 1100 А5, MC, chemical tanker type II & oil products, ESP IW, AOT, INERT (P.50).

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