JSC "Zaliv Shipyard"

Tankistov 4 98310 Kerch, Crimea
e-mail zaliv@zaliv.com

 Outfitting of vessels after launching is performed at two deep water outfitting quays, serviced by cranes: 2 cranes of 32 t lifting capacity and 1 crane of 50 t ,and 1 of 80 t lifting capacity. The shipyard has outfitting shops to do insulation works, panelling of pipes and rooms.

To provide for dock and sea trials Zaliv has its own floating facilities: a floating crane of 100 t lifting capacity, a tug and a diver’ boat.

Zaliv has its own oxygen, acetylene and compressed air stations, providing for the shipyard’ needs.

Zaliv has a NDT laboratory, a welding laboratory, a laboratory for mechanical tests, a measurements laboratory.

Laboratories are certified by the State Standard of Ukraine and MRS.

Laboratories provide for monitoring and measurement of following parameters:

  • chemical composition of metals and materials (paints, oils, gases, etc);
  • mechanical properties of metals and welds;
  • monitoring of welded metals and alloys;
  • dimensions;
  • parameters of el.current;
  • parameters of air.
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