JSC "Zaliv Shipyard"

Tankistov 4 98310 Kerch, Crimea
e-mail zaliv@zaliv.com

 The graving dock (360 x 60 x 13.2 m) is serviced by two gantry cranes, 320 t capacity each and 5 portal cranes, 80 t capacity. The cranes enable to assemble a hull from large sections and blocks weighing up to 600 t.

It is possible to divide the graving dock into two spaces by a caisson and repair vessels in parallel with ship construction. The other building area has two horizontal building berths, 400 m long with following cranes: 2 cranes of 80 t lifting capacity, 3 cranes of 32 t lifting capacity, 4 cranes of 16 t lifting capacity. Both berths have a common side launch providing for launching of vessels up to 2500 t steel weight.

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