At the moment Zaliv executes the order  for construction of two maximally outfitted Hulls of platform supply vessels. According to the contractual agreements the shipyard assumed responsibility for execution of a big scope of works for outfitting of these Hulls. Particularly, the installation of diesel-generators, pod-drives, pumps is executed on the preparing to delivery Hull YNR 9456, the works on cable laying and insulation, and also on covering of rooms are executed. A big outfitting scope of works is fulfilled on the Hulls of Ulstein.
The execution of works of this sort foresees a big scope of equipment delivery, which requires specific storage conditions. The securing of proper safety of supplied components became one of the conditions of customers while signing of additional scopes on Hulls’ outfitting.
 In this regard the decision on extending of the warehouse infrastructure was made by Zaliv.
The two warehouses are working to secure the storage of imported equipment at the shipyard.
They are the warehouse of temporary storage under open-skies which is fitted with a crane with capacity of 10 t and also covered customs bonded warehouse with square approximately of 1000 m2.
According to commercial director of Zaliv Mr. Vjacheslav Kharchenko, the put into operation extended customs bonded warehouse is put into service with all requirements of customs legislation. The modernization is conducted at the warehouse for securing of adequate level of equipment and rigging storage. 
In particular, the warehouse was equipped with the newest fire fighting system and heating system, it was equipped with points of temporal equipment power supply220V/12V, it was mechanized with traveling crane with capacity 16 t and electronic weighing machine.
The warehouse security and safety of goods are maintained by four security cameras with output to the shipyard Security Service board.
Thus, Zaliv has a possibility to accept and provide the storage of any goods which are necessary for execution of shipbuilding works.


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