Shipyard Zaliv has increased production rates and received income in 2012

By the results of annual reports for 2012, JS Zaliv shipyard has increased the production volume for 58,9 mln. UAH (to 25,2%)  up to 322,5 mln. UAH in comparison to the previous year.
Dividing to the production means the ratings of production volumes are the following:
Shipbuilding -  306,2 mln. UAH (5 Hulls of PSV’s, 1 floating dock)
Shiprepair – 9,5 mln. UAH (28 vessels are repaired).
Other products (works, services) -  6,7 mln. UAH
Product sales, works and services  income by the results of 2012 made up 312,6 mln UAH that is 45,8 mln. higher the level of 2011.
61 mln. UAH was delivered to budget and social security system whereas 47,2 mln. UAH were delivered in the previous year.
Financial result at the end of 2012 - the profit made up 5,6 mln. UAH that is 7,8 times higher in comparison to the previous year.
By the words of the financial director of Zaliv shipyard Alexander Sytnik the increase in production output and sales income became possible due to total increasing of the quantity of executed orders on shipbuilding and shiprepair.


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