Shipyard Zaliv has increased production rates in 2009

 Despite the conditions of crisis in the economics itself and particularly in the shipbuilding branch the year 2009 may be considered as positive for JSC Shipyard Zaliv. 

By the results of annual reports the production volume of Zaliv in 2009 made up 451,3 mln. UAH comparing to the level of 2008 making up 260,5 mln. UAH.  Dividing to the production means the ratings of production volumes are the following: for shipbuilding it is 437,9 mln. UAH, for shiprepair is 2,7 ,ln. UAH and the rest are 10,7 mln. UAH. 

Totally in 2009 the labour intensity made up 2261,2 thousand norm/hours that for 165,9 thousand norm/hours exceeds the level of 2008.

During 2009 by the orders from foreign companies six vessels have been built. 
Total sales proceeds by the results of 2009 made up 280,5 mln. UAH that is 40,1 mln. higher the level of 2008. The net profit received by the results of work of the shipyard made up 33,9 mln. UAH.

The stability of financially-economic position of Zaliv made it possible to develop the social sphere of the enterprise that in its turn gave the positive influence to the quantity of regular employees of the shipyard. Within 2009 the number of regular employees increased on 83 persons and made up 2246.

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