Zaliv has been visited by the Constant Representative of President of Ukraine in the Crimea

 On April 19 this year the Constant Representative Of President of Ukraine in the Crimea Vladimir Yatsuba visited Kerch with the business visit. His acquaintance with the life of the town he started from the review of production facilities of Zaliv Shipyard.

The excursion around the shipyard to the highly positioned official was held by general director of Zaliv Nikolay Yermak, production director Vladimir Gajvoronskiy and director for the common matters and personnel Valeriy Belozerov.

After visit of the main production workshops of the yard, V. Yatsuba specially marked the modern outfitting of the enterprise.

By the words of Vladimir Yatsuba the shipbuilding branch has the gross importance for the economics of the state and by this very reason the state just must support shipbuilding yards and it is necessary to create preferences and favourable conditions for work. This will be a push for development of the native shipbuilding and the economics as a whole.

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